Nurse, Occupational Health

Job description : Purpose of Job :

Purpose of Job :

The Occupational Health Nurse will assist MPSA to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of all employees and contractors through the conduct of health surveillance applicable to job functions and by enabling workers to increase control over and to improve their health.

Key Result Areas : Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance

Occupational Illness Investigation

Health Promotion

Communications and meetings

Main Responsibilities :


  • Conduct appropriate risk based medical examinations (including initial, periodic, exit, transfer) based on workplace hazards according to the occupational exposure risk profile.
  • Accurately administer the relevant medical history and health questionnaires.
  • Conduct the following medical examinations as per the Standard Operating Procedure.

o Physical examination

o Urine testing

o Urine screening for drugs

o Vision screening

  • Detect variances in the test results and report the results of medical surveillance to the Occupational Medical Practitioner.
  • Interaction with the workers to ensure they are adequately informed of the risks in their workplace, prepared for the tests and understand the results of all medical examinations.
  • Accurately record information in hard copy and / or electronic information management system.
  • Maintain the medical information / records in accordance with applicable legislative requirements.
  • Conduct the biological monitoring campaigns as part of medical surveillance as planned.
  • Conduct respirator and HPD validation testing in conjunction with occupational hygienist.


  • Monitor worker’s state of health so as to detect potential occupational illnesses at an early stage.
  • Participate in illness investigations to determine work relatedness and work aggravation.
  • Conduct investigation tests in cases identified as possible occupational illnesses in accordance with the various protocols / management plans.


Support workers in the goal-oriented return to work plans in accordance with the Return to Work Policy and Procedure PAN-HR-RTW-MPSA v1.0.


  • Conduct daily equipment inspections and report any irregularities.
  • Conduct daily workstation inspections and manage consumables.
  • Conduct biological calibrations as planned.


  • Identify workers with chronic conditions during annual medical surveillance and refer to the Occupational Medicine Practitioner.
  • Participation in wellness committee, campaigns and activities as per plan.
  • Provide face to face counselling and support.


  • Participation at various forums which include but is not limited to team meetings, wellness committee, case management, workplace assessments.
  • Interface with FQM Group Medical Advisor as and when required.

Skill and Educational Requirements

Education (Level of schooling required)

Qualified Nurse

Qualification in Occupational Health

Community health and chronic disease management experience an advantage.

Technical Knowledge :

Working knowledge and experience using Microsoft Office

Previous experience in conducting spirograms, audiograms and vison screening.

Experience :

Remote site work is an advantage.

Language :

Ability to read, write and speak English will be advantageous.

Equipment required to carry out his / her functions

Medical testing environment and test equipment

Behavioral traits

  • Work closely with team members in a multi-disciplinary team of occupational health, HR, occupational hygiene, safety and clinical health services.
  • Embrace the values of the organization which can be summed up in four words Bolder, Smarter, Driven, Together the First Quantum Way.

Working Conditions

  • Residential at the mine during the working rotation, as per stablished by the Company, and in agreement with applicable laws and regulations.
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