Hospital Denials Prevention Nurse Analyst


Hospital Denials Prevention Nurse Analyst Jobs in West Reading, PA at Reading Hospital

Title: Hospital Denials Prevention Nurse Analyst

Company: Reading Hospital

Location: West Reading, PA


Reports to Hospital Denials Prevention Nurse Manager. Produces reports that provide denial root causes and patterns to drive process improvements and denial resolutions in revenue-generating Hospital Departments. Proactively works with Hospital Department Heads to develop suggestions and strategies for denials prevention. Monitors Hospital Department Heads' process improvement and internal control implementations. Validates the reduction and elimination of denials via data analysis. Performs audits to identify old denial root causes/patterns that have reoccurred and new denial root causes/patterns that have begun. Works with Denials Management System to categorize denials and produce meaningful reports for Hospital Department Heads and Executives. Communicates with Managed Care Team on denials associated with contract violations and payers' claims processing system issues. Serves as a resource on denials prevention for Hospital Departments.


Education Requirements

Post High School Diploma Program


Relevant Experience

Certification and Licensure

Certified Professional Coder (CPC)

RN license in the State of PA

Required Skills

Analytical Skills

Collaborative Skills

Customer Service Skills

Excellent Communications Skills

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Excellent Teamwork Skills

Listening Skills

Medical Terminology

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

Organizational Skills

Prepare & Give Presentations

Problem Solving Skills

Project Management Skills

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