Front End Developer

At Lifull Connect (Permanent), in Barcelona, Spain

Expires at : 2021-11-22

We value not only producing features, but also keeping a sustainable and healthy work environment. This is why we use constant feedback to find ways to improve our effectiveness and work experience, mob programming, XP technical practices and periodic deliberate practice sessions.

What we will do together :

  • Work in an Agile team with a kaizen mindset.
  • Regularly ship a variety of products and features, from small internal tools to large-scale applications.
  • Develop new features applying XP practices to enable new experiences.
  • We look for a person who :

  • Cares about product and code quality and is always willing to improve and raise the value of the system.
  • Likes to optimize and automate repetitive tasks, so the team can focus on improvements and upgrades.
  • Is used to work in product teams. This means understanding stakeholders’ needs, proposing alternatives and negotiating with product and design teams looking for the most impactful and cost effective solutions.
  • Wants to learn and expand their knowledge in other areas such as the back end.
  • Is interested in maintaining and improving internal front end libraries and tools.
  • You like to be among the first with the latest web development trends and aware of the challenges of cross browser and device application development.
  • Main requirements

  • Experience working with TDD.
  • Solid experience building and styling layouts with HTML and CSS / SASS. Also valuable :
  • Knowledge of a11y best practices.
  • Knowledge of styles architecture, best practices and name conventions and refactoring styles.
  • Experience with styling component oriented libraries like styled-components.
  • High expertise in JavaScript & ES standards.
  • Experience working with component oriented libraries, preferably React. Also valuable :
  • Experience working with and customizing Material UI components.
  • Experience working with state management libraries (for example, redux, mobx, zustand).
  • Experience with testing practices and frameworks in front end projects.
  • Fluency in English language.
  • Benefits & Perks

    The most important thing that we offer at LIFULL Connect is an environment where everyone has the possibility to grow and make an impact.

    We have a big growth challenge ahead of us and we are willing to walk that path and achieve our objectives. We are firm teamwork believers and we like to push ourselves to do better while enjoying the journey!

    Some of the things that will help you perform at your best (aka benefits & perks) :

  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • Practice programs and team technical training to improve your skills.
  • Private medical insurance.
  • Flexible Payment Plan (Restaurant, Transport, Kindergarten).
  • Sounds like you? Then let's talk!

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