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(closed) Creative Director, Eu

Are you a natural storyteller and leader? Do you have experience as a creative director? If classical music is your passion you are welcome to join us!

Your will be the visionary and creative leader of the agency and establish Molina Visuals as “the place to go for innovation in classical music”. Your mission is to delight and always surprise our clients (and audiences) with your vision and creativity while helping them to achieve their goals.

You will be involved in photography, filmography, animation, brand identity, graphic design and web-design. Leadership skills are required as well as excellent communication abilities, not only to bring your vision to the rest of the team but to empower them so they can be better, more creative, and ultimately, happier!

Our agency stands out because we really understand what classical music is and the nature or the “cultural product” it offers. As such, a deep knowledge of classical music is required for this position.


  • Be and inspiring visionary! Able to see and communicate the big picture and inspire others with your vision.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills. Persuasive storyteller.
  • Candidate must have demonstrated quiet leadership abilities in previous role.
  • Experience in through-the-line creative development, localization, execution and production.
  • User experience and usability knowledge.
  • Attention to detail and results oriented
  • Generates new and innovative approaches to problems thanks to being constantly updated with current and future trends.
  • Team player who takes personal ownership of assigned tasks.
  • Extremely passionate for the projects.
  • Ability to multi-task, deliver under tight timelines, adapt quickly to change.
  • Ability to attract the best-of-the-best talent in the industry.
  • Autonomous and self-motivator.
  • Fluency and proficiency in English is required. Some knowledge of German or Spanish will be appreciated.

  • Brainstorming and conceptualizing multi-platform campaigns.
  • Working closely with the strategist and creative staff to generate ideas and concepts.
  • Supervising the creative staff work and maintaining the highest standards.
  • Creating moodboards and sketches to communicate ideas to the client and the team.
  • Searching for visual references.
  • Presenting projectsto clients using Keynotes or slideshows through Skype or similar.
  • Pitching creative ideas to clients.
  • Interacting with clients during the feedback processes and be very persuasive.
  • Presenting UX and UI design in an articulate manner to clients.
  • Overseeing the entire production of the project with the different team members involved.
  • Eventually visiting or assessing locations for potential shoots.

You will be working closely with the strategist andproject manager as well as the rest of the creative team like: web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, motion animators, film crews & editors, photographers, photo retouchers, web developers…



Molina Visuals is a boutique creative agency that develop strong brands related to classical music. You will work for the top Concert Halls, Orchestras, Festivals and Opera Houses from the world.


With no headquarters, Molina Visuals is a remote innovative agency, which means that our team members are located all around the world. All our meetings, client contact and communication mainly take place online, so you can be based virtually anywhere. Even though our team is completely remote we keep a very friendly and familiar atmosphere. We all expect from our colleagues to be always constructive and positive minded.

Our Clients are mainly located in Europe and United States. Please have in mind that your time zone should overlap at least 4 hours a day with Europe and the Americas.


We produce high-end 360º campaigns for large institutions in the classical music world (concert halls, orchestras, opera houses and festivals), and our goal is always to create outstanding storytelling tools capable of communicating the deepness and richness of classical music to all kinds of audiences. Our agency stands out because we really understand what classical music is and the nature or the “cultural product” it offers. As such, a fair/deep knowledge of classical music is required for this position.


You will start as freelance position and the work will be on an on-demand basis. Extended contracts will be available depending on your development.

If you like to thrive, there is a lot of room to grow in our agency!

Publicada el 27 de August de 2023

Finaliza el 25 de November de 2023

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